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Insoles can provide comfort for many conditions and ailments including plantar fascia, sports injuries, back and knee problems.

At Bolton Bros we have a number of solutions to suit your needs - whether its a stock insole, modular design or custom made. We can also provide bracing for ankle instabilities.


If you suffer from flat feet, arch pain, shin splints, runner's knee,  or any abnormalities of the foot or the gait, then you may benefit from a simple orthosis or insole. Discomfort can be relieved through stock or custom insoles which help to correct any abnormalities in your walking pattern.


Insoles are available off the shelf but in order to properly address the pain, it is important to know its source. Using a professional orthotic service like Bolton Bros will ensure you get the most accurate diagnosis and the right solution to suit your needs.

At our clinic in Newcastle Upon Tyne we offer the best mix of professional expertise and cutting edge technology to provide you with quick and accurate diagnosis. We use the latest pressure point and camera CAD/CAM measuring facilities, gait analysis and an educated eye to recognise the source of your pain and create an insole to give you great relief and improved movement.

Consultation will allow us to ascertain the correction, or support required in the insoles, and the types of material required.

Bracing for ankle instabilities.

Contact Us today to book your consultation or ask us about our other orthotic solutions.

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