Bolton Bros are your UK bespoke orthopaedic shoe maker specialist.
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Bolton Bros, bespoke orthopaedic shoe maker

A family run business, established in 1893 in Newcastle, England

Bolton Bros’ bespoke orthopaedic shoe maker roots can be traced back to 1893 when there was just a small shop in Newcastle city centre. Over the generations, our surroundings may have changed but our commitment and craft remain the same.

Our Recent Past

Bolton Bros, in our current form, was founded as a limited company in 1952, and have been manufacturing orthoses and supplying an orthotic service to clinics in the North East of England since the beginning of the National Health Service. Our workshops also manufacture orthoses for many companies, NHS Trusts and private customers throughout the UK.

Unrivaled Skill

Bolton Bros are famous for their skills in the design and manufacture of prescription footwear for a wide range of conditions including diabetes and arthritis. Such modern “Orthopaedic footwear” is often stylish and beautifully crafted – within the limits of what is possible for an individuals clinical prescription.

Our master craftspeople are based in our workshop in Newcastle Upon Tyne where they work to create the unique, custom footwear that our customers love. Whether you require orthotic shoes, custom safety footwear or are simply looking for a high quality, hand crafted shoe, you can be assured of our high standards. 

Quality Assured

We were awarded the Quality Standard BS5750/ISO9002 in 1992, and in April 1997 we attained the European Standard EN 46002(1994) for our manufacturing activities. We continue to have our processes and standards audited regularly by SGS Yardsley. We have been members of the B.H.T.A. since 1973.