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We carry out High Quality Shoe and Boot Repairs including trainers, football/ rugby boots & chainsaw boots.

Bolton Brothers Ltd are highly skilled specialists in shoe and boot repairs. We can re-sole and heel all types of footwear to the highest standard. We can also accurately alter boots to fit you comfortably and make a wide range of specialist adaptions to standard footwear. Whether you own a high quality pair of shoes that need some care, or have an existing pair that need altered, we can help! Have a look at the general list of repairs/alterations below and Contact Us to discuss your needs.

If you can't find any reference to your kind of shoe or boot, don't worry, just get in touch so we can advice on what repairs we can do for you.

All repairs come with 6 months guarantee
& prices start from £32.00
Free courier service available for repairs, if needed. Simply get in touch

We can repair and make adaptions to your existing footwear. This can prelong the life and help keep existing footwear comfortable and usable.

All footwear needs to be comfortable, especially during sport. We can repair and adapt your new or existing sports wear to your exact requirements. This can be anything from football, rugby boots, leather ski boots, ice skates to golf shoes.

Chainsaw boots are used in extreme situations, and can be subject to some exteme wear and tear. They spend the majority of their life wet and working hard. So some repairs and adaptions can bring them back to life.

Any walker or hiker will know that a new pair of boots can take some time to break in and become comfortable. So if we can prelong the life of our existing boots with some repairs and adaptions it can't be bad, allowing a further few years of wear.

  • Re-soling – all constructions including cemented, Goodyear welted and hand stitched.
  • Heels – replacement and repair of all types of heel •Stretching – we can typically alter standard shoes by one half size this way for greater comfort.
  • Raises – including high quality and discreet through raises to allow for leg length discrepancies •Wedges – to improve balance or gait.
  • Boot alterations – the insertion of gussets to your existing boots to increase their width or take them in.
  • Rocker soles – to assist with gait.
  • Fitting sockets & T Straps – for users of calipers.
  • Adaptations of shoes and boots for theatrical and film productions.
  • Altering football boots, and replacing blades with screws to prevent injury.
  • Most leatherwork can be undertaken.

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Bolton House, Penn Street

Scotswood Industrial Estate

Newcastle Upon Tyne



Tel: +44 (0)191 273 2012

Fax: +44 (0)191 226 0143

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Mon: 8am–4.30pm

Tues, Wed & Thurs: 8am–4.30pm

Fri: 8am-12.00pm

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